Did You Know?:

Only certain people can see faeries. This gift is called "Faery Sight". 
All cats have Faery Sight by nature. 
Cats are very jealous of faeries. 
If you want to know where the faeries live in your house, follow your cat. 
If you make a tea of marigold flowers and wash your eyelids with it, you may see faeries. 
Midsummer Eve, at twilight, is the best time to see faeries. 
Look for faeries where Oak Trees grow. "Faery folks live in Old Oaks." 
Unicorns live in apple orchards. 
Some bad faeries steal babies and relpace them with faery babies. These are called "changelings." 
Faeries are attracted to bowls of milk. barley, 
Faeries are very fearful of anything made of iron. 
Faeries wear clothing made of foxglove flowers. Foxglove is also called "faerie's petticoats". 
A circle of mushrooms is called a faery circle, a sure sign of faery activity. 
Sometimes faeries disguise themselves as dragonflies, rabbits, wrens, deer or bees. 
Yellow butterflies are messengers from Faerieland. 
A stone with a ring around it is called a faery stone and holds much magic. 
So is a stone with a hole through it. 
The Queen of the Faeries is called Queen Maeve, her other names are Mab and Mabd. 
Sometimes faeries will lead you to be lost. This is called being "pixie-led". 

Fairies at Night
Translucent wings fluttering silver and gold
Upon waiting flowers and petals that fold
Fairies approaching at night's darkest hour
Listening to children sing songs with desire
These precious selections are favourites to them
Breathing new life, which is a most treasured gem
Happiness reigns high as they dance joyous tunes
Silhouettes seen flying, swiftly pass by the moon 

Fluttering Wings
Sparks with fine glitter of showery streams
Brighten dark meadows and deep forest greens
Echoing elves whose soft voices are pure
Above rustling leaves, one hears every word
Fairies that fly over neighboring ponds
Search high and low til they hear children's songs
Depths of still darkness awake with these nymphs
As they flutter their wings to great new lengths
Guiding as torches, glow bright from afar
As do the sun's rays or lights from a car
Wings very thin as from silk or fine thread
Fluttering at night, whilst most are in bed

Garden Fairies
Squirrels and rabbits are welcomed, indeed
Protecting fairies fulfilling their deeds
Whilst gnomes in a garden fetch a bad name
Frightening plenty; but not to draw shame
Fairies are quick as they fly high above
Flowerbeds sleeping; their petals are numb
Silk woven cobwebs of spiders thin thread
Capturing insects until they are dead
Fairies sip water where dewdrops have formed
Quenching their thirst on the day they are born
Frogs signal them in by croaking a song
Wings quickly flash, flying over the pond

Precious Songs 
Night cries from children that await  the dawn
Wishing on stars that reflect precious songs
Twilight's the window that dims into dark
As the moon hangs brightly so white and stark
Nymph fairies fly between flowers and plants
Then flee to the forest to sing and dance 
Gnomes and hob-goblins await behind trees
Hoping to capture and own one of these
Each fairy is quick and lights her own way
Fluttering her wings as bright as the day
Smiles with great laughter as night carries on
Then vanishing from view until the next song

Fairies take flight in an odd little manner
They first stand erect, then wave like a banner
Their wings stretch out in opposite directions
Fluttering quickly, whilst still at attention
Very few have witnessed, this intriguing sight
A ritual of years, enjoyed with delight
Everything they do, is accomplished with love
Instinctively it's learned, without push or shove
Their garments are woven, silk threads and gold dust
With shimmering wings, in a thin silver crust
The younger with four; whilst the older, just two
Woodland nymps are many, winged-fairies are few
Nymph Fairies
Waters and woodlands are the homes to such nypmhs
Who flee from forests, and arrive at great lengths
Not equipped with wings, like fairies in flight
Rather, skip on tip toe to fulfill their plight
Engaging in dances to long or short tunes
Some prefer to sigh, gazing up at the moon
So energetic and full of surprises
It is no wonder they, come in all sizes
Shorter ones, taller ones, older ones and young
Skinny ones, chubby ones; all of them have fun
Waiting out each day, to frolick during night
Nymph fairies are shown how, to stay out of sight

 A Garden Party
Fairies at the end of autumn and in springtime, too
May sit awhile to ponder, how little is a few
No mincing with the hours, just time to pick at will
Faith from above, brings much love, and keeps the short hours, still
A clock that ticks, can never lick, the frolick and fun
It's not too much, to think it such, what is done, is done 
Look for rabbits, who love old habits, invite them to tea 
No need for tartans, they are in your garden, . . fairies

A Fairies' Garden
It may seem odd, to see a bod, flying from superstition
Or may be wise, to think its prize, a rare proof of transition
Fairies may be, strange lots to see, but will not fool anyone
They're loving and free, frolick with glee, and only seek real fun
Look towards the sky, breathe in a big sigh; the clouds, sun and a breeze
Pound for pound, the very purest in sounds, comes from winged-fairies
They enjoy all sorts of flowers, at any hour, . . .you'll see
Living in forests or gardens, no need for pardons, just tea

Fairies' Tales
Tales of wings and other things, that fill a forest's legend
Are said to be, collectively, of fairies not pretention
A fairies' plight is ever slight, in words or common phrase
The way to tell, is in a shell, below a fog or haze
Fairies have wings, many sing, in gardens and deep forests
The ones who don't, may say they won't; no need for a chorus
Trees that have fallen, may be a column and place to hide
From ugly old creatures, who say they are teachers; . . but lie

A Rabbit Tea Party
Legacies of fairies and nymphs who cannot fly
Are told in children's stories; ones that do not lie
Deep in the darkest forest, where day looks like night
Three rabbits tried their hardest; put up a great fight
Two fairies were trapped in soil, mud so very thick
They thought real fast, then decided to use a stick
The fairies were freed, and thanked all three with some tea
That marked the first tea party; . . .rabbits and fairies

A Squadron of Fairies
Up towards the moon on a dark, windy night
Ten fairies were seen, silhouettes in flight
Not in Ireland or Wales, nor Scotland's sea
T'was over the Channel, flying so free 
A squadron determined, straight and direct
Shimmering, bright wings, and bodies erect
To Sherwood Forest, and through the tall trees
They flew in formation; with grace and ease

Las Hadas
Alas que se miran, como los vidrios de cristal
No vienen de iglesia, ni son hechas con la sal
Pertemecen a las hadas, de bosque o jardín
Viven para hoy, sin pensar que habrá algún fin
Se reunen en la noche, en la oscuridad
Dando luz por los caminos; y eso es verdad
Los cuentos e historia o leyenda de la cual
Viviendo entre todos, por lo bueno y lo mal

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Poetry by Leo Valencia, all rights reserved 2004 ©
Plight and Existence of Fairies
During the night, a fairy's light shines bright, but never glaring
When in flight, they may seem slight, as wings by which they'recarried
With all their might, spell out what's right, and reasons for existence
They're simply here, to make things clear, yet must keep their distance
No one considers, they're nobody's sitters, but can be friends
Triumphs are in forests, where plants are more porous, and like new
Fairies may play; but prefer their own way; throughout the dark night
Things to discover, before it's uncovered, this is their plight

The Gnome that Moaned

Sir Trevor and Lady Anne, followed a plan, that took them deep in the woods
They both had surmised, there would be no surprise, and things just seemed as they should
Fairies were dancing; a frog was prancing, and a gnome sat there on his own
An appearance quite stunning; til the gnome started running, towards them, and moaned
The gnome appeared caged, and by then quite enraged, chasing them til they advanced
No one had come that close, not even a voice, was heard or given the chance
They uttered a scream, then departed that scene and stayed away, . . .forever
To this day, no one will stay, near the house that belonged to Anne and Trevor

Cats Treating the Fairies
Through passages in books, a reader may discover
Winged-fairies befriend cats, who offer them good cover
Felines who do it right, during the night, truly prowl
Think of a fairy's plight, on rainy sites; . . .no towel
A cat may convince, but will never mince, words with meows
The signal that alerts, shows it really works,  . . .with bows
A rogue cat, uses a mat, to wipe fairies' wet feet
Then, will take care of  their needs, through great deeds, as a treat
A Fairy's Life
Although they are straight; fairies don't mate
Nor do they look for a man
They're born from ferns or buds that yearn
To give birth where they stand
It shouldn't bring confusion, nor any delusions
That's how they are
They live with their traits, without any hate
And go quite far
They are pure, and so demure
Wings light and airy
Their lives are charmed, and shouldn't be harmed
Life as a fairy
Strange Sights are Often Real
Fairies seem strange, to the deranged 
Who look for excuses to fuss
It's never the same, to what seem's sane
Just a trip in a car or bus
The actual scene, is not a dream
Just honesty from a very true story
To eschew it from, that which gives one fun
Is to detach from life in all its glory
Forest Gnomes
There was a time, before nursery rhymes
In tomes of ancient wonder
That deep, dark, forest gnomes, never roamed
Nor caused great harm or blunder
Without a doubt, that was turned about
As seen one day by farmers
Fairies were taunted, as gnomes wanted
No longer were they charmers
Nothing but shame,  was brought to their name
And their plight in the forest
Gnomes cannot right, their deeds from that night
No one will hear their chorus
A Cat is All That through Fairies
There's more to one's cat, that makes it just that
Or notion or sight of garden fairies
Many reside near the flowers beside
Rosebuds or plants that may bring berries
A cat's tail can predict, what makes us sick
Or the weather without any problem
It's not an old wives' tale, that makes it such
But fairies who have conveyed it to them
Nature's Creatures
Faeries gathering to sing
Laughter, joy and other things
Cats approach on quiet paws
Stepping softly without claws
Many colours on a pond
Three tiered levels and apron
Spouts are formed from folded leaves
Dripping drops on flowered wreaths
Sirene sounds of nature heard
Rabbits, foxes, chirping birds
Fluted ferns with long, green stems
Nature's birth breathes life through them
Clouds move by a moonlit sky
Windy breezes; cold and dry
Felines and Fairies
Fairies bring thrills and delight, to the few at night, who watch them roam
As cats get the urge, they purge; and watch fairies in gardens at home
Cats re-entering the house, open their mouths, and utter loud sounds
That is their way to alert; not flirt, rather show what they have found
Felines may not speak, as parrots with beaks; but know just what to say
Although the message is there, a long stare, may appear rather vague
Their tails convey, what they'd like to say, if people would comprehend
Without a doubt; no one has figured this out, and cannot pretend
Cats and Gnomes
Gnomes search the night for fairies
In hopes that one will marry
They really live underground
But they are seen all around
These very dwarflike creatures
Have ugly, little features
Cats don't go near them at all
Even painted on a wall
Sinister Grins
Gnomes' sinister grins, leave twisted chins
That utter grunts and moans 
Usually in caps, red, long and wrapped
On heads that are shaped like domes
 Dull, sharp, yellow teeth, are just beneath
A beard that often sways
Their dreadful stares, give an awful scare
Forcing one to look away
Nature's Beauty 
Depictions of forest greens
Beside waterpools sirene
God's creatures all share this dream
Life prevails beyond each scene

Sparks of Faeries shining bright
Breaking darkness into light
Silk wings of silver and gold
Nature's beauty thus; unfolds
A Feline's Fear
A feline's worst fear not to disperse 
Sipping fresh water to quench its thirst
Is to see gnomes encroaching that space
With vengeful deception and disgrace
Hideous sneering by these gross runts
Whilst emitting foul odors and grunts
Keeps rampant disorder by its deeds
Invoking fear, to fulfill the need
Faeries and Felines Compassion
Desires and wishes conveyed in dreams
Enriches one's life; but not to extremes
Faeries and felines have been friends for life
Exchanging the good with undefined strife
Each keeps the other from falling away
But is there when needed; not just for play
Faeries Beginnings
Swirling in buds before they're born
Are infant fairies in a horn
The beauty of this fluted stem
Brings forth a treasured, precious gem
Amid a calming, sirene pond
Welcomed new fairies all belong
Winged-Fairies' Site
Graceful beauty so sirene
Pooling ponds of blue and green
Soft voices heard in chorus
Within the darkest forests
Bright dust of silver and gold
Glittering sparks to behold
Great gardens enchanting pride
Brooks and streams of ebbing tide
Flying over plants and trees
Soaring high are winged-fairies
Lost; but Found
Lost in abandon, amid forest trees
Enchanted site reigns, . . . majestically 
Every faerie listens before she speaks
To create that special aura; . . . elite
Selections that will soothe and draw deep sighs
Cats' calmed nerves; that now fills it with a high
Beauty abounds in everything that's seen
Looking all around; no desire to flee
Felines recognise, friendship as a gift
Love above all; no chance to cast adrift
Faeries befriended cats, and so it goes
Compassion was the key that helped it grow

Gnomes of a Lesser God
Digging hard clay soil, amid rocks and dirt
To repair sewers, deep within the earth
Are city street workers and other crews  
With heavy machinery and their tools
These excavations expose other sites
Like abodes of the gnomes who are dwarflike
Their snarling faces and harsh, grunting moans
Are the sounds they make, when they're not alone
They may remain in them for many years
Until they're discovered; then create fear
Cats always detect the wicked gnomes' scent
And will use their claws, to keep them from gents
Gnomes will flee to flower gardens and decks
And return when it's done; after they've left
Winged-fairies fear gnomes' most horrible creed
That fills them with shame and sinister deeds

Mama Peck RIP
The Feline and Fairy Connection
Cats are odd creatures, with intriguing features, that love to play
They may be fussy; but are quite trusting; if given their way
At night they go prowling, when the wind's howling, to see fairies
Gusts swoop them in, on leaves very thin over mountains and seas
Their wings carry them far, under stars, during dark, windy nights
The closer they get, to land's inlets, stabalizes their flight
Fairies and cats, love to chat. This has been going on for ages
If felines unlocked, winged-fairies' thoughts; this would start a new rage
Spot RIP
Gnomes stay clear from cats in their path
Gnarled sneers awaken that wrath
Beards that hide those hideous grins
Makes gnomes mad, which quivers their chin
Fairies' First Flight
Fairies' wings flutter with grace amid glittering lights
As if dust were sprinkled with lightning to make them bright
With sparkling flashes, they render a colourful scene
In flower gardens and deep, dark forests so sirene
It was on the backs of geese, that fairies learned to fly
Carrying them over lakes and a lot of ponds nearby
Although wings are so different, their purpose is the same
Flying above the highest clouds, to return again
Unicorns' Sad Saga
Unicorns adorn, as stems of noble trees
Although obscure, quite pure; inspire and please
Their breed indeed, is raised to a strict mark
Hence, are conceived from the place; first embarked

Stark white in appearance, distant or near
A horn of distinction, sharp as a spear
Very few of them, are known to exist
Offspring killed, were not allowed to resist

Forest Unicorns
High in the mountains, where it snows all year round
Live forest unicorns, who don't make a sound
These are survivors, from a slaughtering past
Whose young offspring were taken and killed by blasts

Poachers who killed them, only wanted their horns
Thought to hold magic, from the day they're first born
Camouflaged by the snow, these unicorns dwell
 Living on islands where temperatures rise
Approaching people, they're certain don't lie
These faeries are friendly and often speak
Rapidly flowing  words,  pour out quite weak  
Cats are mystically keen, as bright beams
Dutiful to their master's every wish
Each may assume, their new life will resume
As a faerie, no larger than a dish 
These cute little felines, making bee lines
To be fitted for wings and a long tail
Are eager to fly; not knowing quite why
Yet their solo flight is done without fai
 Gnomes' Effect on Cats
As disgusting as it seems, gnomes are quite obscene
They pass away the hours, in many gardens with flowers, 
And see what daylight may bring

Gnomes have a bad effect, on cats who appear to reject
Their presence and behaviour, which is not at all favoured
And no cat is apt to forget
A Disappointed Faerie
Seems that only yesterday, a faerie looked for Peck
She peeked inside the potting room, stretching out her neck
Hoping to see that cat lying on a cushion there  
Its usual place of rest, no reason to beware
The faerie didn't find Ms. Peck, just some misplaced treats
Instead she found a bloke, full of dust from head to feet
Not recognising this man, nor the noise from inside
She hid behind a tree stump and vanished at first stride
Tayler was in his woodshop, with sawdust everywhere
No time for hearing music, nor sitting in his chair
Rosemary had been sleeping, and did not hear a peep
All she remembered doing, was counting many sheep
Faeries' Lullaby to Babies
Babies lying in their cribs, cry out for mother's milk
Faeries hovering up above, comfort them with silk
The soothing, soft scarves they use, pass over baby's face
Which lulls them into long, deep sighs, to sleep without haste
Birds and Faeries                                                            
Birds in a forest, like the blue jays and wrens
Are fond of faeries, as are little children
They join in to wade in the shallowest springs
Listening to songs, that faeries' choirs sing
Gathering twigs and objects for making nests
These feather friendly birds, enjoy a good rest
They welcome faeries to visit them in trees 
In rain, sleet, snow or cold, so that they won't freeze
Butterfly Faeries
Butterfly faeries possess vivid wings
Harmonious sounds, convey songs they sing
Various sized panels bordered by veins
Just like church windows; colourfully stained

The Queen of the tropics, their plant of choice 
Nurtures strong wings and their soft, speaking voice
Faeries' Friends
Faeries are particular, with whom they hang around
One must keep true to the soul, and also be as sound
A cat conveys its wishes, through harmless, honest deeds
As harmony does with nature, to maintain its needs

A clock that isn't ticking, probably won't alarm
Faeries do their picking; by the deeds one does with charm
A tea party filled with guests; birds, rabbits, cats and faeries
Will begin with nods and bows, not the least contrary
Faeries in Sun
Brighter than ribbons and sleeker than plums
Are wings of faeries, who fly in the sun
Tropical islands is where they reside
Hibiscus flowers, a safe place to hide

Queen of the Tropics, refers to this plant
Displayed by colours; that others just can't
Some were named to coincide with its hue
Like Concorde, Scarletta and Midnight Blue
Faeries Ponder Fishing
A fishing line's, dangling hook's a sign, that lures its prey of colourful fishes
Each tug on these, will alert and please, those waiting to fill their homestyle dishes
Lakes and streams, filled by a bounty's dream, rise abundantly to the occasion
As faeries wade, under the glorious shade, viewing lines of true persuasion
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Dingleberries; a Gnome's Delight
Garden gnomes forge dingleberries
In late autumn to early spring
Picked and washed until they're golden
Then stored below; sweet, dry and clean

Old hollows of Rimu wood trees
Underground; such dim light to seed
Dwell these gnomes, whose grins are downward
And their dark souls; older than weeds

Seedy fruit; soft skin to peel off
Heavier than a small green lime  
Succulent and free of insects
Each gnome eats one hundred and nine

Gnomes that smile, eat these fruits often
Snarls and frowns, such a normal sight
In the hollows, stored in darkness
Dingleberries, a gnome's delight
Disenchanted Gnomes
Gnomes hesitate to insulate their underground dwellings
Raising dust, causes them much fuss, and a lot of yelling
They're not keen, on being clean, prefer to sleep on gravel 
Ears full of wax; their hearing lacks, clear sound during travel 

Long knitted caps, worn to relax, with faces boasting sneers
From dusk til dawn, their clothes stay on, unkempt, disheveled gear
It's no surprise, that they despise, rabbits, cats and faeries
When left alone,  they moan and groan, near gardens and prairies
Faeries'  Grace
Faeries mystically appear.  One by one, twinkling their wings; fluttering rapidly,
they flash a colourful spectrum of quick, short movements, bringing wonderous 
excitement.  It is easy to see why they entice young and old, alike.   Their pleasant 
display invokes a gracious and gentle manner,  which is  more than anyone     
could ever dream or witness. 

Young Ranchant
An apron, fresh soil, and a shovel to plant a garden full of seeds
Was all that was needed, when Ranchant took the lead
This gnome, felt at home, growing mushrooms in the earth
And began each morning, watering his own turf
At night, he'd cook rat tails and fishes rolled in dough
Then bake them in pies, with the oven set at low
It was rare to see Ranchant do nothing; but sit
Upon his twenty-third birthday, he chose to quit
Those delicious hot pies were made only for him
None would be for another, not even by whim
Walking by villagers, he would just sneer and moan
Young Ranchant decided,  to remain at his home
The mushrooms he planted so many years before
Had grown real big, and were quite difficult to store
He sat on them daily to shoo crows from the rest
Cursing out words, which caused them to fly to their nests
Young Ranchant lived on that Mushroom site eighty years
During many storms of rain and snow without fear
Before he passed on, he took pies to make amends
Handing them to all; including crows and old friends  
A Gnome's Daily Deeds  
Gnomes feel at home, when they are alone, to prepare their meal
Once every day, they will start to prey, on rats they find with zeal
It's tails they seek, for that special treat, then hang them in a row
The wiggley ones, rolled in bread or buns, taste great when cooked on Low
The flames are fed, with fat, instead of coal or bark from a tree
These tails in toast, are better than a roast, if they're prepared with brie
A cheese for kings, often brings beans, in lieu of crackers and wine
The rats go free, sans tails and feet, and eventually go blind
After their main course, there's no remorse for rats who have no tails
Gnomes prefer to munch on the boney crunch of feet left in pails
The rats are spared, as they sit and stare; motionless and alone
Gnomes feed them some wine, two sips they're blind, then kill them with a stone
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The Age of Laziness
Years ago, in late autumn's glow, lived two brothers, both gnomes
Yet neither had an inkling, as to how to build a home
They burrowed underground in the wood hollows of a tree
Beneath the surface of the earth, digging desperately
They drank lots of water that poured in from each morning's dew
The younger gnome was twenty-one, the older by a few
Some socks were found, strewn on the ground, which made snug, warm red caps
Two scarecrow's old trousers did the trick, fitting both with slacks
An old spade, which didn't fade, was discovered in mid-spring
The younger used it to dig a well, and for other things
Tending gardens, making holes, shoveling rocks in a row
Seeds of worth, were planted in the earth, and evenly sowed
At twenty-three, the younger boldly shouted out, "no more!"
He put the spade down, and refused to do another chore
The neighboring gnome villages heard of this brother's words
Henceforth, he was quoted with the phrase, "work is for the birds"
Lazy Gnomes
Wasting time, resides in minds,  who wll not lift a feather
Those like gnomes, who stay at home in spite of pleasant weather
These loathesome sorts, sit and cavort without stress or worry
Their stinky clothes, alert one's nose, to leave in a hurry 

Gnomes' big feat, when they compete, is to see who eats the most
It is presumed, what they consume, is tail of rat in toast
No forks or spoons, songs or tunes, just some fat to feed the fire
Five tails are spread then rolled in bread and hooked on a coat wire

At the end of a meal, they wipe with zeal, their fingers clean
Their sleeves are used, until abused, which leaves a bright stained sheen
Not washed for years, these shirts bring tears, to one's eyes at first sight
It's a shame, they don't take blame, being lazy is their plight 
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Some Gnomes' Livelyhoods
Envy, anger, distrust and greed
Are shared by gnomes' dastardly deeds
Not all, just some, the few who dare
To barter with ill-gotten wares

One must prepare and take command
When gnomes approach waving their hands
Fulfilled tasks of successful sales
Which leave their victims stunned and pale 

Selling items not owned by them
To humble folk possessing gems
In light of what has been relayed
Those gnomes rely on bogus trade
A Gnomes' Disdain
Years in a cove, above a blue, running stream
Lived an elderly gnome, awakened by screams
The appearance was vague; but muxh more than this
Were the sobbing cries that could not be dismissed

A girlish figure appeared night after night
With cries quite somber, yet laments drew a fright
Winged-faeries were summoned and woodland nymphs too
To calm the young spirit and bid her adieu

Instead, the gnome fled, and was not seen again
Which proves that some may bring on their own disdain
Many months had gone by without a sound
Until some gnomes re-surfaced from underground

The lamenting cries and screams had now resumed
And not a single one knew just what to do
They begged the faeries to make it go away
The faeries responded, "none of you should stay"

The gnomes decided leaving was their best plight

Now they visit gardens, in morning's daylight
No one found out why the girl cries such sad tears
Yet her long sobbing stops, as gnomes disappear
 me gustan las hadas tostadas con miel,
las preparo por las man~anas para el tio Abdiel

Los grititos que escuchamos al hecharlas al aceite
Nos causa sonrisas, al darles el machete
alitas bonitas cubiertas en sal
aveces las hadas se encuentran en el Nopal!

La abuelita Maria llego un dia de madrugada
nos dijo "muchachas esta casa apesta de hada!"

le preparamos un platito, por gusto y sorpresa,
caritas, alas, una piernita en mayonesa..
a la abuelita la vimos correr por la calle san miguel
y pensamos otravez en las haditas con miel" 

Las Hadas Doradas
Empanadas de hadas atadas
Tatemadas en el comal
Revanadas con las tales alas
Que les faltaba tanta sal

Estas benditas hadas con alas 
No hablaban; ¿ya para qué?
El aceite se le salpicaba 
A la señora y se fué

No se arrimen, a estas hadas
Ya muy doradas huelen mal
Se quemaron con tanto aceite
y después se pusieron tal

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Enchanting Scenes Silhouetted figures stand erect in mist so coldForest creatures in the dark; await as night unfoldsMoisture lends its sustenance to nurture plants with careFaeries light the hidden paths; without shining a glare Flower gardens amid trees, create serenitySuch enchanting scenes produce, quiet tranquility
Malevolent Gnomes
Turbulent tides of turmoil reigned
As droves of gnomes returned again
Those dwarf-like creatures came to rest
Beneath soft earth of mountain crests

By the hundreds they'd swarm each night
Before daybreak and faeries' light
Amidst the dawn, hiding away
Awaiting nightfall's dark of day
Gretchol's Wisdom
Gnomes struggled to find work and make a good home
Preferring shade to the sun, which made them moan
Picking ripe berries in spring or summer was great
By autumn and winter, it would be too late

Gretchol asked his young sons to work underground 
Then had more tasks for family and friends year-round
He was kind and fair to those willing to work
Would not support horseplay or other odd quirks

One day, an argument broke into a fight
Those who had triumphed, decided to unite
They asked Gretchol to help with their decision
To which he said, "if you follow my mission"

They agreed for this gnome to show them the way
Not thinking that Gretchol would lead them astray
His handling of soldiers, was brutal and terse
Before each battle, he would grow even worse

Swarms by the thousands had now joined this empire
Gathering stones and limbs for weapons and fire
On their heads were crowns with golden medallions
Not for a few; but entire batallions

Gretchol breathed fear into all of his armies
Looking into his eyes, was quite disarming
Few disobeyed his blunt orders or actions 
Knowing death would be met from their infractions

These forces grew until no peace could be had
Led by an evil that turned good into bad
Intimidating all who dare cross his path
Surprising all with delightGretchol's violent anger, unleashed such a wrath

It was then a great storm fell upon the land  
These armies were buried to their necks in sand
Being immobile without water or food
Forced Gretchol's troubled mind to change its foul mood

Praying for help, he vowed never to be bad
Those praying beside him, no longer were mad
God spared only the ones who promised to care
The rest of them perished; or died of despair

Gnome Gretchol made good of his promise that day
Helping neighbors to care for others and pray
To the aged and frail, kids sat at their feet
Learning knowledge and wisdom they could repeat

Gnomes' Troddened Paths
Long, troddened paths; etched in gnomes' deep, footed prints
Beneath autumn's moon, such a sight would convince
Rustling through fallen piles of sun-baked, dry leaves
Crackling sounds are heard, as each step is perceived

Squadrons continue their march through the forests 
Singing in low tones, as that of a chorus
And as winter courses this land with a chill
Gnomes will return home underground in the hills
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