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Frightening Stares

Sharp long howls pierce one's ears to tears
On moonlit nights this time of year
Eerie laments of ghostly ghouls
Are clearly heard by any fool

Costumed children mask their faces
Bags of candy leave some traces
Wrappers scattered on lawns and streets
Like swarms of locusts all just eat

Witches stir up a boiling gruel
Some are evil and also cruel
Children’s fingers make a good stew
Mixed with veggies and eyes of blue

Pumpkins carved boast a wide sneered grin
Lighting paths for teens and small children
Frightening stares from all the fiends
As they appear on Halloween



Pirates' End

Dark macbre tales of decaying, moldy flesh
Entombed deep in caves amid steel wire mesh
Empty wooden chests once laden with pure gold
Lie within moistened earth, rotting in the cold

Pirates full of life, are now mere, hollow bones
Marked with grief, no relief, scattered and alone
Impaled in battle, were rattled until dead 
Gasping their last breath, even in death, they bled
ed children mask their faces
Bags of candy leave some traces

Dreadful Choices
Graveyard signs, entwined by vines with cobwebs stretched about them
Display such words, "Beware of Birds" perched upon a coffin
A raven's glare, invokes its stare, and cast ugly feelings
Glances exchanged, may seem strange, if you are what it's seeing

As darkness grows, and night unfolds, into a gloomy mist
Ghastly sounds, from all around, will cry out a howling hiss 
Once alone, far from home, each step may cause one to stumble
A treacherous hike, that's not liked; a test to remain humble

Dreadful choices, amid voices that haunt these grounds at night
There, in person, each hour worsens, to see them in plain sight
Up there flying, not inspiring, as witches can be seen
Although rejected, it's expected, night of Halloween

Like swarms of locusts all just eat

This is Halloween
Imposing gloom, beneath night's moon, inspires witches' flight
All too soon, upon their brooms, they rush by in plain sight
Sinister grins; protruded chins, warts from nose to cheek
Days thereafter, hacking laughter, ensues, as they speak

Scornful cries, piercing eyes, goblins appear in one's path
Candy corn, things to adorn, despite ungodly wrath
Noisy kids, in costumed wigs, appear from door to door
Hold out their hands, with tin pie pans, as shiny armour 

All celebrate, with orange crates; their bags of goodies
Filled to the brim, wide grins, and cloak to match their booties
To walk the streets, despite the freaks, that roam in between
An all night run, to have some fun, this is Halloween
pers on lawns and streets

Wonderful Halloween
Some Jack-o-Lanterns in a row, stare and startle kids
Inside them flicker candle's glow, just below their lids
Ugly witches, skeletons and graveyards filled with screams
Costumed children everywhere captured in mainstream

The smell of burning pumpkins and taste of candy corn
Are part of special memories that enlighten and adorn
Visions of images in orange and black, of course
All ready for a night of fun? Scary masks enforced

Ghostly hob-goblins in white sheets walk but dare not speak
They run or walk in groups of five or alone like sheep
Werewolves, monsters, vampire bats, wrapped mummies and/or fiends
Share night's romp amongst friends on wonderful Halloween

pkiarved with sinister grins

Light dark paths to scare the children

Remembering Halloween
Halloween begins as the moon appears
Carloads of kids unload from front to rear
Bright coloured costumes amid ghostly freaks
Are seen on front lawns, down sidewalks and streets

Blood dripping zombies from graveyards stroll by
Ghosts, monsters, witches, the werewolf and fly
Candy corn pieces dropped into a bag
Long nose with warts handed out by a hag 

Pumpkins carved with sneered, sinister faces
Beneath blackened lids, its bright flame traces
Stretched out at arm's length, are cookies and sweets
Children arrive and shout out, "Trick or Treat"
lightening stares from all the fiends

Appear the night of Halloween

Dark Humour
Some foil wrapped candies in colours so bright
Cobwebs encroached around children in sight
Uncanny laughter upset by loud screams
Masks are unveiled to reveal freakish beings

Ugly monsters roam dark streets in costume
Waiting to feast on the weak who feel doomed
Long pointed swords or grim scythe of Reaper
Slinging sharp blades to cut in much deeper

Merriment awaits all of the weary
Some are mummies or zombies quite dreary
Others delight in scarring small children
This Halloween brings out all kinds of fiends

Strange Costumes
Shallow sacks, quite often lack, enough room for sweets
From door to door, one kid or more, yells 'trick or treat'
Candy, popcorn balls, gum, peanuts, fruit or small change
All is good, the loot and mood, in costumes quite strange

Bludgeoned bones, echo low drones, in a hollow tone
Blunt skull blows, are quick not slow, which makes them moan
These skeletons walk, around blocks, on Halloween
Witches that fly, are really too high, to be seen

 These old pirate bare bones, are honed, before their plight
Catching kids, rip their eyelids, which ruins their sight
In troops times ten, together they fend for the prize
This makes kids weary, scared and fearing for their lives

Halloween's Surprises
Thorns thick briar, stings like fire, pain ensues
Vampire bats, snarling rats, react on cue
Evil things, most cannot change or undo
Attempt to prevent spells witches construe

On Halloween, fiends are seen, in plain view
No one to ask who masks faces with glue
There's no doubt, kids stay out, beyond curfew
Lots of scrumptious treats, good to eat or chew

Wrought iron chains remain fiends utter muse
Linked to a sink, each is bludgeoned and bruised
They keep curmudgeons in dungeons confused
Writhing in puddles, muddled and abused

All Sorts of Fiends
Children's amusement, broomsticks and whims
Quickly gather to partake in such things
Witches, goblins, and all sorts of masked fiends
Exhibiting fun in this worthwhile theme

Rambling through street blocks, chaotic noises
Scarecrows and mummies of their own choices
Dazzling fairies draw bright glitter from wands
Paint on their faces, mom's lipstick or balm

Gaunt, pagan druids are monsters of age
Howling as werewolves, rabid and enraged
Ungodly ghosts that stir up a good scream
In costumes embark night of Halloween

Emerging Monsters
Skeleton bones, rattle then hone, a low humming drone
Walking alone, they roam, in the same general zone
Searching for kittens, they seem smitten yet self-assured
Their prey's first meow, is a signal of chow, well deserved

The Grim Reaper's dark shroud, shadows an oncoming crowd
Mummies and ghouls, break all the rules, such deeds are not loud
Stealth as small vermin, are determined, to stalk and prey
Blood dripping gore, loved all the more, their own special way

This band of thieves, are believed, to be all these monsters
They walk the streets, yelling 'trick or treat'; no imposters
Warlords and witches, emerge from ditches and hollows
It's Halloween, a good place to be seen, and followed

Halloween Celebration
Crèpe paper-lined ceilings of orange and black
Bold skull and cross bones flag displayed to attract
Young pirates and cutthroats dressed up in their gear
A galley of wenches stroll from front to rear

Swashbuckling lure from old movies and dramas
Those too frightened will remain with their mommas
The rest will enjoy and eat all kinds of sweets
Later go out and loudly yell, 'trick or treat'

Rumbling in the Crowd
Clapping hands, stomping feet, season yields to 'trick or treat'
Monsters dwell, in the streets, gathering sacks filled with sweets
Charming guests, no arrests, decorations held with glue
Sinister masks, costumes too, ghosts sneak up screaming, BOO!

Pumpkins carved, some with grins, seeds spew out over their chins
Scarecrows speak, spiteful whims, leering eyes below the brim
Zombies sneer, with their brows, not a peep is heard out loud
Alarmed with fear, children do hear, rumbling in the crowd

A Monster's Delight
Without a doubt, kids pour out, as night commences
Scary masks, taken to task, are their defences
Candy and loot, popcorn or fruit, fills each deep sack
Scream out 'trick-or-treat' there's much to eat and attract

A monster's delight, causing fright, through people's fears
They're often seen, in bad dreams, at least once a year
As each appears, some dreadful sneers, invoke the theme
No set rules, for ghosts or ghouls, on this Halloween

Side Stepping Creeps
One-two, one-two; side step to the left, then to the right
Quick tempo, rhythmic movement, triumphantly excites
Clasped broad hands held out grotesquely, Gnarled fingers stretched
Grunting is advisable, which causes one to wretch

Halloween inpires fiends, some ghouls and mummies, too
Quick to step, boosting pep; a delightful afternoon
The vampire's bite, with all its mite, invites all to dance
Necks exposed, are not opposed, to Tango with romance

 In creepy form, who can conform, to bloody vermon
Cats and spiders do not conspire yet are determined
Walking for miles, all were in style, in the crisp night air
In groups of four, begged for more, nothing less could compare

Long Grotesque Faces
Ghoulish glib laughter and ghostly reprise
Roaming narrow pathways dressed in disguise
Long grotesque faces boast tall and short clowns
Those donning hats express willowy frowns

Old witches boast broomsticks high in night's sky
Donning pointed hats with brims rather wide
A bright, full moon silhouettes their presence
Children looking up are now scared and tense

Frankenstein's monster and Werewolf unite
Choosing to stir up some screams or a fright
Receiving goodies from houses on streets
Now all enjoy Halloween's trick or treat

Faeries and Monsters
Shimmering wood nymphs in costumes with pleats
Bright, stitched gardenias that cover small feet
Green, fluted pods boasting long, sturdy stems 
Collected in bunches, as treasured gems

Light, stepping dances that capture Fall's charm
Together they prance, entwined at the arm
Weaving around gardens amid crisp leaves
Triumphant rejoicing is done with ease  

In circles they gather, greet friends nearby
Seeking to fulfill their journey of light
Gnomes, elves and Whiskers, a cat that cries meow
Will join in the fun, bestowed on them now

As day turns to night, all children prepare
|To help celebrate delights with a scare
Some faeries and monsters, ghouls or just fiends
Shall crowd the streets for a great Halloween

Ungodly Tales
Erie, grim tales of cadavers in crypts
Vibrant colours appear on icy lips
Mainly in pinks, purples, fuchsia or red
Transforming these zombies from the undead

Roaming the grounds, as if in a dull trance
Unearth others by the seat of their pants
Dangling fabric on disheveled corpses
Invokes great strength to ungodly forces

As gates open, children flee in large droves
Headed on down through some neighborhood roads
On Halloween; the only way to greet
Is to scream out loud the phrase, 'trick-r-treat'

Vengeful Wounds
Stealing about through willowy trees
Clear glimpses of vampires roamed in these
Their victims were still, not a peep heard
Just panic-stricken, and quite disturbed

A rage of terror swept through the land
People had feared the worst was at hand
Although they set traps; cages and snares
Killings continued, leaving all scared

The bites meant sure death; slow and painful
Just mere children, which was eventful
Rows of fresh plots now filled half a town
All these young victims had been struck down

Truckloads of pumpkins were well-carved
None were eaten, cause they'd rather starve 
Sacks were filled with delectable sweets
At story's end, all screamed 'trick-r-treat'

Vestiges of Laughter
Jack-O-Lanterns stare, but never smile
Yet remain quite content, all the while
Frightening children, beneath night's sky
Cackling, loud laughter, one knows not why

Their term is short-lived burning all night
Flame glows in its head, causing much fright
On fences and walls, stoic and bold
Needless to say, they never grow old

Pumpkins on roads, long pathways and glens
Rotten, warped core, no longer eaten
Once a vessel with sinister face
Now just a carcass, seedless; no taste 

As each is carved with a frowning sneer 
A witch's coven is likely near
To cast a spell on a child or fiend
In celebration of Halloween

Witches' Hot Stew
Black hat's wide brim with end pointed high
Witches long chins of warts wrinkle dry
Hunched over backs and coarse strands of hair
Stirring their caldrons of boar's snout served rare

Up on their broomsticks watching for kids
Holding a lantern, with a scorched lid
Children look up and are really scared
Seeing a witch, results in despair

Hideous laughter, old hag swoops down
Preying on children in small, quaint towns
Her deed is done, catching one or two
Into the caldron, witches' hot stew

Turned to a Crisp
Skewering pig snouts amid kids feet
Tasty, hot morsels that witches eat
Turned to a crisp, braised over low heat
Melts in one's mouth, tantalizing meat

Ears, nose and lips, are fed to their cats
Remainder devoured by pesky rats
Witches are seen wearing pointed hats
Donning wide brims, in flat colour black

Preying on children, only school age
Anticipation, results in rage
First task to do, toss them in a cage
Preparing skewers, is the last stage

Just before the feast is to commence
All pumpkins are carved to sneer and wince
Hundreds are then, placed atop a fence
To scare kids, leaving them in suspense

Wicked Witches
Witches set out on their broomstick flight
Passing the moon during dark of night
Cackling laughter in loud, blaring tones
Frightening youngsters far from their homes

Imposing such wrath to scare children
Their silhouttes raise much mayhem
Striped stockings and hats with wide brims
Pointed on top, a part that's so thin

Telling stories about them is clear
More fact than fiction, as it appears
These hags are in covens and give fright
To kids trick-r-treating through the night

Candles burn in pumpkins on fences
Bold, sneering smiles, are their defences
A smell so alluring, and delights
Tricks remembered are all witches' plight

Houses are haunted with ghastly ghosts
No one is required to be the host
Grotesque witches come out of the doors
Reaching for children, need I say more?

Echoes of laughter, repeat all night
Though they are heard; not a witch in sight
Chilling thoughts that awaken the dead
Are always kept silent in one's head

So many streets are filled with such fiends
Witches wince and compell one to scream
Shouting trick-r-treat is indeed keen
In celebration of Halloween

Halloween Commences
Pumpkins burn brightly with candles that flare
Lighting dark pathways with sinister stares
Those who approach are lured by their senses
Divine smell, as Halloween commences 

Dressed up in costumes where parties delight
Witches and monsters give small kids a fright
Ghastly ghosts stream across gardens and streets
To get their sacks filled with all sorts of treats

Neighborhoods derive much of their pleasure
Watching as children reach for such treasure
Cookies, candy, fruit, nuts and change
Are dished out to all looking quite deranged

Scarecrow's Demise
Straw used, can become a fuse, to Scarecrow's end
Lighting a fire, one may conspire, with a friend
Once Dorothy knew, her best friend's shoe, ignited
She stomped it out, leaving no doubt, to right it

The witch drew blame, her ball aflame, torched Scarecrow
Screaming out loud, he drew a crowd, burnt eyebrows
His lack of brains, cast no shame, on the straw man
When Scarecrow caught on fire, was inspired, to fan,. . .oops!

The Halloween Poetry of  Pol Valencia 
(2005 all rights reserved)
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